Letters from Egypt – walking in the footsteps of Lucie Duff Gordon

In just over a month, I will be emulating the adventures of the renowned Victorian author, editor and translator Lucie, Lady Duff Gordon by moving to Luxor, Egypt and documenting the life and culture of Egyptians both ancient and modern.

In 1862, shortly after contracting TB, Lady Duff Gordon moved to Egypt primarily for her health but she soon grew to love the country, earning the honoured title ‘Sitt el Kebeer (Great Lady), who “was just and had a heart that loved the Arabs”‘.

She wrote many letters, mainly to her husband and mother, giving vivid descriptions of her observations of Egyptian culture, religion and customs. These letters were gathered together and published as two volumes Letters from Egypt, 1863-1865 and Last Letters from Egypt, 1875. She died in Cairo on 14 July 1869, at the age of 48, and was buried in the English cemetery there.

To read Lucie’s letters, visit https://archive.org/details/lettersfromegypt00duff


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