Visitors to Lucie’s ‘Theban Palace’



Horus – ‘the One Far Up/High’


Letter to Alick [her husband]…

‘Now I am settled in my Theban palace, it seems more and more beautiful, and I am quite melancholy that you cannot be here to enjoy it.The house is very large and has good thick walls, the comfort of which we feel to-day for it blows a hurricane; but indoors it is not at all cold. I have glass windows and doors to some of the rooms. It is a lovely dwelling. 

Little Owl

Two funny little owls as big as my fist live in the wall under my window, and come up and peep in, walking on tip-toe, and looking inquisitive like the owls in the hieroglyphics…

1024px-Mortuary_Temple_of_Hatshepsut_032010_003d (2)

Peregrine falcon – attributed to the god Horus Hr.w 

… and a splendid Horus (the sacred hawk) frequents my lofty balcony…








Alex Duff-Gordon
Alexander Duff Gordon

…the weather has been quite heavenly; last night I sat with my window open, it was so warm.  If only I had you all here! How Rainie would play in the temple, Maurice fish in the Nile, and you go about with your spectacles on your nose.  I think you would discard Frangi dress and take to a brown shirt and a libdeh.’ 






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