I haven’t worn socks since I got here…

It’s de rigueur to go barefoot here!

I know it’s a weird thing to say and an even more bizarre thing to blog about but it’s true, I haven’t worn socks since I got here!

Before you wonder if I have wandered into the desert and suffered a bad case of heat stroke, there is a philosophical point to all this, bear with me…

I think it is these small but significant moments of realisation that occur in our lives that can be pivotal points for change. I no longer wear socks because I don’t need to; so I walk barefoot, in trainers or sandals (definitely no socks!)

But, it is a change due to my environment; for one thing, it’s too hot. Nevertheless, it was a change I embraced unconsciously – I stopped wearing socks…yet I took 3 weeks to consciously notice it. This is pretty much a metaphor for my life over the past few years – I have had to consciously and unconsciously ‘remove my socks’. I’ve experienced several huge changes and many small ones – having to adapt to new environments, mentally and physically. Often I didn’t realise I had adapted until months later; when yet another barefoot step in the right direction had been taken. It has been a bittersweet path, often strewn with wounding shards but I am a far better person…and I don’t miss my socks.

Sometimes we need to change our environment to change our way of being….so don’t be afraid to take off your socks.

2015-11-17 15.21.12.jpg
Foot of Ramesses II, Luxor Temple

All photos copyright: Philippa Faulks, 2015


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