Back to Egypt…to search for truth

A more philosophical note.

After six months in the UK, I need to go back to Egypt.  I will be researching for two books – one which has been languishing for several years. I have decided a change of direction is needed for it and although I have written 48,000 words, it just doesn’t feel right. My last visit made me view Egypt very differently to how I had previously. I have found that many of us tend to view ancient – and modern Egypt – through rose-tinted spectacles and we employ confirmation bias to justify the things that we hope are real. I’ve done it myself.

Confirmation Bias definition: the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one’s existing beliefs or theories.

AAFS plenary.jpg

For example – Freemasons are constantly looking for evidence that their organisation originated in Egypt – but there is no real proof. Western esotericists and occultists take what they feel fits their narrative and they weave a tradition around it – often one that is a sad misinterpretation of the ancients. Yes, there are parallels – this is called  ‘universal tradition’ – and these parallels are something that human nature has evolved in many cultures but to try and fit pieces into the metaphysical jigsaw by bashing them into place doesn’t cut it any more.Sure, it sells books but it distorts history. We create a hybrid creature that spawns new entities, which then creates a narrative that is false.

I’m not saying that there aren’t parallels, techniques or wisdom that have filtered through from ancient Egypt to the present day – this is a given when written documents back things up but to actually claim them as fact is not so easy. People shrug this off with the claim that they are using their ‘intuition’ – something that is entirely subjective to that person and conveniently doesn’t necessarily need to be proven. That is one way we can go to claim anything…and that sells books too!

Maat in goddess form

So, I am going back to my old haunts and catching up with wise contacts who are happy to question everything, and to find Maat – the concept of truth, order and justice in ancient Egypt. I’ll be putting a metaphorical heart on the scales and see what weighs up.

I’ll keep you posted and send you a letter from Egypt.

The scene of judgement or the ‘weighing of the heart’


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