Why ‘Letters from Egypt’?

I read Lucie Duff Gordon’s Letters from Egypt many years ago, along with other inspiring books, a notable one being The Search for Omm Sety. I have long admired strong women who would pack their bags in search of adventure and it is something I promised myself I would do a few years ago when my life changed radically in many ways – that time has now come.

I first visited Egypt in 2001 and rapidly fell in love with the country, the people and the culture, both ancient and modern. Since then, I have returned seven times and this will be my eighth…only this time I will be staying for many months, inshallah!

The desire to document and share our explorations has been etched deeply on the hearts of travellers and writers for centuries. The more mysterious or tinged with danger the adventure is, the more our feet itch to walk in the footsteps of nomads, explorers and those with insatiable wanderlust…and our fingers then twitch to share it with the world. So, fingers already a-twitching, I intend to do just that…it may not be letters in the physical sense but the missives will be equally as delightful and intriguing, just as if you were opening a visual envelope into the world of Egypt!








One comment

  1. I also have read Lucie’s letters and Umm Seti’s revelations and been to Egypt seven times….I share your exitement and look forward to your adventures…wish i could join you!


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